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Package Details: xmrig-bin 6.11.2-1

Package Particulars: xmrig-bin 6.11.2-1 Monero cryptocurrency CPU miner, HTTP API enabled, with default donation stage…

Package Details: xmrig-proxy 6.11.0-1

Package Particulars: xmrig-proxy 6.11.0-1 Stratum protocol proxy for Monero; HTTP API disabled, donation proportion is…

Cockos REAPER 6.27

free to strive downloaded

Package Details: python-tablign 0.3.3-1

Package Particulars: python-tablign 0.3.3-1 Aligns columns in your ASCII tables

Package Details: clean-chroot-manager 2.215-1

Package Particulars: clean-chroot-manager 2.215-1 Wrapper for managing clear chroot builds with native repo therein. clean-chroot-manager-2.215.tar.gz

Package Details: java-openjdk-loom-ea-bin 65:17_1e55270-1

Package Particulars: java-openjdk-loom-ea-bin 65:17_1e55270-1 Java Challenge Loom OpenJDK 17 Early-Entry Construct

Package Details: spotify-search-provider 1.0.1-1

Package Particulars: spotify-search-provider 1.0.1-1 GNOME Shell search supplier for Spotify

Package Details: zfs-linux-hardened 2.0.4_5.11.11.hardened1.1-1

Package Particulars: zfs-linux-hardened 2.0.4_5.11.11.hardened1.1-1 Kernel modules for the Zettabyte File System.

Package Details: zfs-linux-hardened-headers 2.0.4_5.11.11.hardened1.1-1

Package Particulars: zfs-linux-hardened-headers 2.0.4_5.11.11.hardened1.1-1 Kernel headers for the Zettabyte File System.

Package Details: zfs-linux-lts 2.0.4_5.10.29.1-1

Package Particulars: zfs-linux-lts 2.0.4_5.10.29.1-1 Kernel modules for the Zettabyte File System.

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