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Kapiland Tower 1.0.20

License / Price: Freeware
Version: 1.0.20
Date added: August 31st, 2020
Language: English
File size: 68 MB
Developer: upjers GmbH
OS: Android (5.0 and up)

upjers GmbH

CEO wanted for Kapiland Tower

Build a tower, reach for the skies, and manage production-chains from basement to penthouse!

Kapiland Tower – The idle Tycoon challenge

Kapiland Tower corporation offers the perfect environment for bringing your logistics accumen to the table! Your challenge: Build a skyscraper factory, organize production chains from water and energy production in the basement to food production. Your task is to keep the balance between supply and demand.

Funny factory-simulation and profitable production

You begin with the basic necessities like energy and water and unlock more production facilities on your way up. Floor by floor the tower will grow to even greater heights.

You keep a close eye on efficiency, hire new employees, keep them trained and upgrade your facilities to improve productivity.

Each upgrade increases output and reduces production times – so your stocks are always full.

Job description for the new Kapiland Tower CEO

Kapiland Tower is looking for a competent, up and coming manager. Are you the ready to become a business tycoon bringing this idle-company to the next level?

Your qualifications
🏭 a keen eye for the best production chains
🤑 understanding and perfectly balancing supply and demand
💸 business accumen to concert production and storage capacities
🗼 have a good head for heights to work efficiently even on the highest floors

We are offereing
⭐ endless hours of gaming fun [without fear of liquidators]
🔨 cute virtual employees always giving their best
🤩 funny scenarios and animations
⚙️ challenging logistics puzzles
👔 flexible work-hours and working from home possible

Apply now at Kapitalism Tower, the cool clicker-game for ambitious business experts.

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