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Package Details: nwdiag 3.0.0-1

Package Particulars: nwdiag 3.0.0-1 nwdiag nwdiag generates network-diagram picture from textual content.

Package Details: python-pymctranslate 1.0.13-1

Package Particulars: python-pymctranslate 1.0.13-1 python-pymctranslate A library of block mappings that can be utilized to…

Package Details: spotube 1.0.1-2

Package Particulars: spotube 1.0.1-2 spotube A light-weight free Spotify desktop-client which handles playback manually, streams…

Package Details: siyuan-appimage 1.7.6-1

Package Particulars: siyuan-appimage 1.7.6-1 siyuan-appimage The following era PKM system, your digital backyard

Package Details: dayplan 0.1.5-1

Package Particulars: dayplan 0.1.5-1 dayplan Utility to plan your day and observe your time

Package Details: codelite-unstable 15.0.9-1

Package Particulars: codelite-unstable 15.0.9-1 codelite-unstable Cross platform C/C++/PHP and Node.js IDE written in C++…

Package Details: context 2022.01.15_11.45-1

Package Particulars: context 2022.01.15_11.45-1 context ConTeXt LMTX, the Lean and Imply TeX eXperience with Lua,…

Package Details: iscan

Package Particulars: iscan iscan EPSON Picture Scan! front-end for scanners and all-in-ones hain01commits2dip-obj.patch…

Package Details: ftcli 0.6.0-1

Package Particulars: ftcli 0.6.0-1 ftcli A command line font editor

Package Details: ff2mpv-go-git 1.0.1.r1.639496c-2

Package Particulars: ff2mpv-go-git 1.0.1.r1.639496c-2 ff2mpv-go-git Native messaging host for ff2mpv written in Go. Contains manifest…

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