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Reason Studios – Reason RE Bundle 01.2022

License / Price: Shareware
Version: Reason Studios - Reason RE Bundle 01.2022
Date added: January 9th, 2022
Language: English
Developer: Reason Studios - Reason RE Bundle 01.2022
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Reason Studios – Reason RE Bundle 01.2022 | 43.46 GBA set of digital instruments and plugins REASON.Reason RE Blamsoft Blamco Filter v1.0.1Reason RE BIamsoft Blamco Program Equalizer vl .0.1Reason RE BIamsoft DC-1 Distortion v1.4.0Reason RE BIamsoft DC-9 Overdrive v1.2.0Reason RE Blamsoft Distributor v1.2.4Reason RE BIamsoft Expanse v3.1.3Reason RE BIamsoft F-16 Analog Filter v1.1.0Reason RE Blamsoft Mark vIII Amplifier v1.0.1Reason RE Blamsoft Motion v1.1.0Reason RE Blamsoft Polymodular Audio Splitter v1.0.2Reason RE Blamsoft Polymodular CV Merger v1.0.3Reason RE Blamsoft Polymodular CV Splitter v1.0.3Reason RE Blamsoft Resampler v1.1.1Reason RE Blamsoft t00b.Distortion v1.3.0Reason RE BIamsoft VK-1 viking Synthesizer v1.5.0Reason RE BIamsoft VO-1 viking Oscillator vl .0.1Reason RE Blamsoft Zero Hybrid Synthesizer v1.3.1Reason RE GForce Software program ChamberTron RE v1.0.1Reason RE GForce Software program Re-Strings v1.1.4Reason RE GForce Software program Re-Tron v1.0.3Reason RE lmpact Soundworks.Tremendous.Audio.Cart v1.0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda Mixture v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda CV Participant.Faucet v1.0.3Reason RE Lectric Panda DYN-4 v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda Fritz vl .0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda Janitor CV Shaper v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda Kompulsion vl .0.2Reason RE Lectric Panda Korde Sequencer v1.2.3Reason RE Lectric Panda LPM vl .0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda MoPol vl .0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda Nostromo v2.1.0Reason RE Lectric Panda Propulsion vl .0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda PSQ-1684 v3.1.1Reason RE Lectric Panda RND vl .0.4Reason RE Lectric Panda Rostnomo vl .0.1Reason RE Lectric Panda Form v1.1.3Reason RE Lectric Panda Skope M4 v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda Spektrum v1.0.0-Reason RE Lectric Panda Torsion v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda UTL Modifier v1.0.0Reason RE Lectric Panda ZF0-2 v1.0.2Reason RE Propellerhead Layers v1.0.1Reason RE Prooellerhead Lavers Wave Version v1.0.0Reason RE Propellerhead Parsec 2 v2.03Reason RE Propellerhead Reason Drum Kits vl .0.1Reason RE Soundiron Emotional Piano vl .0.0Reason RE Soundiron Granada v1.0.0Reason RE UJAM Beatmaker DOPE v1.0.0Reason RE UJAM Beatmaker EDEN v1.0.0Reason RE UJAM Digital Drummer Strong v2.0.2Reason RE UJAM Digital Drummer Phat v2.0.2Reason RE UJAM Digital Bassist Royal v1.0.0Reason RE UJAM Digital Drummer Heavy v2.0.2Reason RE UJAM Digital Bassist Rowdy v1.0.0Reason RE UJAM Digital Bassist Mellow v1.0.0Reason RE Aftermath Audio CV8X4 CV Generator v1.0.4Reason RE Alien Seed Tech ARCUS v1.1.0Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1Reason RE Alien Seed Tech PSDN v1.0.3Reason RE Amaloo Studio EXP1 v1.0.1Reason RE Antares Auto-Tune Reason v1.0.1Reason RE Audio Injury RoughRider v1.0.1Reason RE Audio Poison Strontium-90 v1.0.0Reason RE Auryn64 The Synthwave Plugin v1.1.0Reason RE BASSGRID Filter X1 v1.0.0Reason RE BASSGRID Mutation Collider vl.0.0Reason RE BASSGRID Terminal Grasp Impact v1.0.1Reason RE BHK Samples Parafilter lll Sequencer v2.0.0Reason RE Josh Levy BOOM 808 Percussion Synth v2.0.2Reason RE Josh Levy Kitchen Sync v1.1.0Reason RE Josh Levy Tick Tick Step Sequencer v1.0.2Reason RE Mobipdi Doppio v1.1.2Reason RE Rainwaves lvy v1.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean AcoustiClap.v1.0.0Reason RE Robotic Bean Examine CV Scope v2.0.0Reason RE Robotic Bean CV-l v1.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean CV-O v1.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean EC-1 Electro Clapper vl .0.0Reason RE Robotic Bean Elementary Logic Gates v1.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean Euclid Rhythm Generator vl.3.1Reason RE Robotic Bean Euclidean Rhythms vl.1.1Reason RE Robotic Bean MT-1 MetroTone Metronome v2.0.0Reason RE Robotic Bean Resonans vl.1.1Reason RE Robotic Bean Choose CV Swap v2.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean Sequences v1.4.4Reason RE Robotic Bean Step Word Recorder v2.0.1Reason RE Robotic Bean TM-1 Set off Multiplexer v1.3.1Reason RE Robotic Bean TS-1 Time Slider v1.0.2Reason RE Skrock Argonaut v1.0.0Reason RE Skrock Aurora v1.0.5Reason RE Skrock Electrons v1.0.5Reason RE Skrock Horizons v1.0.1Reason RE Skrock lridium v1.0.2Reason RE Skrock Kraft v1.0.9Reason RE Skrock Morningstar v1.0.0Reason RE Skrock Nautilus v1.0.3Reason RE Skrock Orbis v1.0.3Reason RE Skrock Poltergeist v1.1.0Reason RE Skrock Pulse v1.0.3Reason RE Skrock SMFX Delay.v1.0.1Reason RE Skrock SMFX Twin.Saturator.v1.0.1Reason RE Skrock SMFX Reverb.v1.0.1Reason RE Skrock Photo voltaic 5 v2.1.0Reason RE Skrock Tectonic v1.0.1Reason RE Skrock Thermal v1.0.2Reason RE Softube FET Compressor v1.3.13Reason RE Softube Saturation Knob v1.3.13Reason RE Softube Spring Reverb v1.3.31Reason RE Softube Trident A-Vary v1.3.13Reason RE Softube TSAR-1 Reverb vl.3.11Reason RE Softube TSAR-1 R Reverb vl.3.11Reason RE Softube Tube Delay v1.3.31Reason RE Softube Tube-Tech Basic Channel v2.1.55Reason RE Softube Valley Folks Dyna-Mite v1.3.15Reason RE Soundmod Tritone Multiband Waveshaper v1.1.4Reason RE Static Cling AutoLatch v1.1.1Reason RE Static Cling Chord Detector vl.2.0Reason RE Static Cling Delta vl.3.0Reason RE Static Cling Index vl.1.3Reason RE Static Cling Optic v1.2.0Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0Reason RE Synthetech Sound Spectra v1.0.2Update 01/2022Reason RE Haaswerk Drumstix.v1.0.0Reason RE Haaswerk Psychedelic.Haas.v2.0.0Reason RE Haaswerk PSYH CV MultiSplitter.v1.0.1Reason RE Haaswerk PSYH CV Pulse Generator.v1.0.3Reason RE Haaswerk PSYH CV Pulse Stepper.v1.0.1Reason RE Haaswerk PSYH Kick Bass Commander.v1.0.1Reason RE Haaswerk PSYH Matrix Sign Swap.v1.0.0Reason RE Haaswerk TrixMate CV Swap v1.0.0Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Caliburn.v1.0.6Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Clarent.v1.0.1Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Creme.v1.1.2Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Lancaster.v1.0.0Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Matchlock.v1.0.0Reason RE Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion.v1.2.3Reason RE Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp v1.1.0Reason RE Meeker FX CB-2 Circuit Bent Drums v1.0.0Reason RE Meeker FX CB-3 Circuit Bent Keys v1.0.0Reason RE Meeker FX CB-4 Circuit Bent Organ v1.0.0Reason RE Meeker FX CB-5 Circuit Bent Wind v1.0.0Reason RE Meeker FX Deja Vu v1.0.4Reason RE SKP Sound Design Aura-7.v1.1.0Reason RE SKP Sound Design D1 -RT.vl .1.1Reason RE SKP Sound Design FAT50.v1.1.2Reason RE SKP Sound Design Q-FX.v1.1.2Reason RE SKP Sound Design Sugar-Q.v1.1.1Reason RE SKP Sound Design Zoetrope.v1.1.4Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Air.v1.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Ambi Nature.v2.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Ambi City.v1.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Earth.vl .0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Hearth.vl .0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Knock.vl .0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Octo.v2.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Orange.v2.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood ReFresh.vl .0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood ReMix.vl .1.1Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Step.128.v1.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Stutter.128.v1.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Unison Xs.v2.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood Water.v1.0.0Reason RE Studio Corbach Mixfood WT4.v1.0.0InstallationYou want the discharge of R2R REASON and TEAM R2R REASON Rack Extension Cache Builder,v1.1.0 or increased.Copy the RackExtension folder in”% APPDATA% PROPELLERHEAD Software program RackExtensions “Copy the * .r2Rrecache file in”% APPDATA% PROPELLERHEAD Software program R2Rrecache “After including new rackextension (s) it’s essential rebuild the cache Re:- Run RecacheBuilder.exe from Workforce R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder.- The cache file will probably be constructed. 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