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Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software. Features include tabbed browsing, page zooming, mouse gestures, and an integrated download manager. Its security features include built-in phishing and malware protection and the ability to delete private data such as HTTP cookies. Opera is designed with your life in mind. The day is short and productivity is essential, so let the Opera Web browser help you tackle your ‘to do’ list.

Changelog: Opera 68.0.3618.63 (64-bit)

  • CHR-7889 Update chromium on desktop-stable-81-3618 to 81.0.4044.122
  • CHR-7896 Update chromium on desktop-stable-81-3618 to 81.0.4044.129
  • DNA-85287 Set standard spacing for Yandex prompt
  • DNA-85416 [Mac] Animation of tab insert is glitchy on slow machines
  • DNA-85568 Verify API for triggering “unread” mode with Instagram.
  • DNA-86027 Present Now not working in google meet after canceling it once
  • DNA-86028 Add a back and forward button in the Instagram panel
  • DNA-86029 Investigate and implement re-freshing of the instagram panel content

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