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Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.9.2 (64-bit)

License / Price: Open Source
Version: Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.9.2 (64-bit)
Date added: March 25th, 2020
Language: English
File size: 15.5 MB
Developer: MPC-HC Team
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a rewritten version of Windows Media Player 6 which was then open sourced and released under the GNU GPL. The interface is similar to the MS original but is a little more up-to-date, XP friendly, comes with some more advanced features, and doesn’t have the annoyances of the original. But probably the best thing about this player is the range of formats it supports. It’ll play just about anything you throw at it, whether it’s an MP3, an Ogg, a WMA, even a QuickTime file. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema application was designed to be a Media Player Classic but for home cinema usage.

* Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-34-g1ceac
+ Added A-B Repeat functionality. You can set the timeline markers with [ and ] keys.
+ Added a 25% zoom shortcut and menu entry
+ Added support for reading title information (EXTM3U) from m3u playlist files.
+ Added mousewheel tilt left/right support for shortcut settings (Options > Player > Keys)
+ Added basic support for external WebVTT subtitles (.vtt). Only simple text formatting is supported. Advanced tags are ignored.
+ Significantly improved performance of adding (many) files to the playlist.
+ Changed logic of “Auto Fit (larger only)”. Previously it would resize if the video was too large to fit on the screen. Now it always resizes when the video is larger then the specified auto fit factor percentage of the screen size.

! Fixed a few small GUI regressions related to dark theme
! Fixed a few rare crashes
! Fixed coverart not always loading for files with their own external coverart image file
! Improved compatibility of internal audio renderer with DTV playback
! When player is minimized it now stays minimized when adding files to playlist from Explorer

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