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Package Details: libreoffice-dev-xh

Package Particulars: libreoffice-dev-xh libreoffice-dev-i18n None

Package Details: libreoffice-dev-zh-cn

Package Particulars: libreoffice-dev-zh-cn libreoffice-dev-i18n None

Package Details: libreoffice-dev-zh-tw

Package Particulars: libreoffice-dev-zh-tw libreoffice-dev-i18n None

Package Details: libreoffice-dev-zu

Package Particulars: libreoffice-dev-zu libreoffice-dev-i18n None

Package Details: libreoffice-dev-bin

Package Particulars: libreoffice-dev-bin libreoffice-dev-bin LibreOffice growth department

Package Details: python-scrap_engine 1.2.0-1

Package Particulars: python-scrap_engine 1.2.0-1 python-scrap_engine A 2D ascii recreation engine for the terminal

Package Details: hypre 2.25.0-1

Package Particulars: hypre 2.25.0-1 hypre Parallel solvers for sparse linear methods that includes multigrid strategies…

Package Details: libfftranscode 0.5-1

Package Particulars: libfftranscode 0.5-1 libfftranscode Proprietary library for ASN.1 APER <-> BER transcoding of RUA/RANAP/HNBAP/S1AP…

Package Details: kuberlr-bin 0.4.2-1

Package Particulars: kuberlr-bin 0.4.2-1 kuberlr-bin A instrument that simplifies the administration of a number of…

Package Details: tutanota-desktop-bin 3.98.0-1

Package Particulars: tutanota-desktop-bin 3.98.0-1 tutanota-desktop-bin Official Tutanota electronic mail shopper tutanota-desktop-3.98.0.AppImage tutao-pub-3.98.0.pem

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