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Package Details: python-m2r2 0.3.3-2

Package Particulars: python-m2r2 0.3.3-2 python-m2r2 Markdown to reStructuredText converter, forked from m2r

Package Details: kwin-bismuth 3.1.4-1

Package Particulars: kwin-bismuth 3.1.4-1 kwin-bismuth Addon for KDE Plasma to rearrange your home windows mechanically…

Package Details: docker-credential-pass 0.7.0-1

Package Particulars: docker-credential-pass 0.7.0-1 docker-credential-pass program to make use of move to maintain Docker credentials…

Package Details: earth-wallpaper-nightly 1.8.3.r4.g1654643-0

Package Particulars: earth-wallpaper-nightly 1.8.3.r4.g1654643-0 earth-wallpaper-nightly 实时获取地球照片作为桌面壁纸

Package Details: python-libthumbor 2.0.2-1

Package Particulars: python-libthumbor 2.0.2-1 python-libthumbor Python’s extensions to thumbor

Package Details: python-preggy 1.4.4-1

Package Particulars: python-preggy 1.4.4-1 python-preggy assertion library for Python

Package Details: wsrx-bin 1.0-1

Package Particulars: wsrx-bin 1.0-1 wsrx-bin WebSocket Reflector X

Package Details: zwave-js-server 1.21.0-1

Package Particulars: zwave-js-server 1.21.0-1 zwave-js-server Websocket server wrapper round Residence Assistant’s Z-Wave JS. [email protected]

Package Details: tutanota-desktop 3.100.0-1

Package Particulars: tutanota-desktop 3.100.0-1 tutanota-desktop Official Tutanota electronic mail shopper tutanota-desktop.desktop

Package Details: pokete 0.9.0-1

Package Particulars: pokete 0.9.0-1 pokete A terminal based mostly Pokemon like recreation pokete-0.9.0.tar.gz

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